Fuck my goverment

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And our people will only change when you yourself begin to change. Perhaps necessary for survival in some evolutionary bygone, in modern times it leads only to albeit often disguised misanthropic beliefs and delusion. You know what you have to do.
How many people gathered to stop the war? Instead of playing a victim, learn their filth and grow out of it. Im glad you came to these realities. You took this personal.
The latest Tweets from Fuck My Government (@fuckmygov). Well then. Are we just going to let this slide? #FuckMyGov. South Africa. From Benny's presentation at Anarchapulco Follow Benny on STEEMIT: [email protected] HELP ERADICATE MY.

Fuck the government?

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The less people know the more likely they are going to generalize. It takes a change in your belief system to really change your reality. Live by example of how you want the world to be, and eventually it will become a way of life.
The idea of government is good when it remains soley with infrastructure and morals. Sure, with all the knowledge we have about the groups mentioned and all the issues in our world, it sure would be nice to overthrow every corrupt mother fucker and get us on the right track. A bunch of us ranted and begged for change. Stoney Baloney Depends when you ask. The government is made up of people just like you; people just like the people you see in public. Our society has degraded itself so much to the point of blaming inanimate things for everything. Zykanthos chodebalm 6 years ago.
The government is Fuck my goverment something which is separate from you. It is not some all-powerful entity which controls society. The government is made up of people just like you; people just like the people you see in public. The government is a representation of the public. The politicians in office are there because we voted them there, and we voted for them because we believe they represent our Fuck my goverment interests. The government is not there to tell you what to do.
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